XERGS Xml Encoded Retro Gaming System
Rebuilding the wheel my way. This is my development journal of my java 2d sprite engine. Maybe someone will find this usefull, maybe not...
Friday, August 25th
Summer Haitus
music: Harry Potter Soundtrack
mood: angry, grr

I will be working on the blogging software till sometime in 2007 and hope to get back to gamey goodness at that time.

Feel free to comment, but right now GreyMatter is all I have time for wink

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Saturday, August 5th
Some design info and ramblings
music: Tainted Love
mood: smile with a touch of indigestion (but that Hollandaise sauce was so tasty)

So here is a diagram that I will now proceed to ramble about.

Basically its showing the relationship between some interfaces and classes. These are some of the most often used, interacted witch classes, dealing with Tokens and Events... (more)

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