XERGS Xml Encoded Retro Gaming System
Rebuilding the wheel my way. This is my development journal of my java 2d sprite engine. Maybe someone will find this usefull, maybe not...
Friday, July 28th
Xergs, a History of
music: Indiana Jones III (movie)
mood: Rested (since I took today off from work)

Here is a briefy history of Xerg development so far... (more)

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Monday, July 24th
Text too dark or back ground not light enough?

Trying this out as a floating entry, maybe the header background should be lighter (does seem harder to read than last night, probably because of screen settings).

Or maybe I should make all the header text white, like the Main title/logo?


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Sunday, July 23rd
A new look and feel for Xergs
mood: Tired but content, with a touch of heart burn wink

Ok, so its finally done, after a week of putzing, hopefully I can get back to developing. Of course I still need to create actual pages for the links to goto. So ... very ... close.

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