XERGS Xml Encoded Retro Gaming System
Rebuilding the wheel my way. This is my development journal of my java 2d sprite engine. Maybe someone will find this usefull, maybe not...

  • JBuilder Foundation IDE: I got used to the interface from my professional career. Its pretty intuitive, can step through code, syntax highlight, will goto the source code of an object, etc.
  • Eclipse IDE: I tried this briefly and was impressed, but unfortunately I procrastinate when faced with have to deal with a learning code (otherwise, its got more features than the free version of JBuilder).
  • Mac CVS Client: A very nice free gui over cvs (you need cvs installed first of course).
  • TextWrangler: A great free text manipulation program that includes the ability to remotely edit, save files through ftp protocol.
  • Firefox: Where to begin with this? Its kick ass seabass.
  • Thunderbird: The email partner to Firefox, easy to use, nice interface, spell checking, etc.
  • GIMP: A great free image manipulation program that I have found to be the very similar to Adobe Photoshop.
  • JUDE Community: A free uml modeling tool that does more than I know what to do with it. Can generate diagrams from Java source.
  • Grey Matter: A nice free customizable web app, useful for blogging.


  • JInput: I found this very useful to add USB controllers to the game.